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Pynkiss Milano

Pynkiss Milano
Hello Kitty has been to Milan and has a new, stylish, high-end look - PYNKISS. Regardless of age, no matter what your mood, whatever you may be and whatever you're doing, you'll find it all in PYNKISS world - For all your PYNKISS life. PYNKISS is a fast growing aspiration high-end lifestyle brand with a global presence. Designed in Milan by top Italian designers this mid - high end collection reflects sophistication, is contemporary and bold, stylish and cheeky, new and exciting, yet still authentically Kitty. A collection of over 250 head turning designs, PYNKISS uses only the highest quality fabric and materials. Delicately appliqued with crystals, beads, sequins; hand stitched and finished in fashion capital Milan, PYNKISS is a brand for a cosmopolitan world. Enter the fashionable world of PYNKISS and take a tour of our mid-high end Italian fashions. It's a dream come true for all the Hello Kitty devotes in Sharjah, Pynkiss Milano opens UAE's 6th boutique in first floor, Sahara Centre. With over 250 styles this boutique offers stylish and authentic yet mid - high end Hello Kitty collection of clothes and accessories. Our customers benefit from the attitude, comfort, chic and sophistication projected in every piece we create. Designs inspired by Kitty and carrying with them an attitude that our consumers want the world to associate them to. Our consumers benefit from being associated to the latest trends of the fashion capital of the world.

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