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How to have amazing Lashes!

dateMay 11, 2021

Our eyes are able to tell myriads of stories about us as people and our experiences at first sight. While some resort to eye tattoos and heaps of makeup, beautifying your lashes may be a better (and much simpler) way to go. Today we’ll discuss impressive lashes, let’s dive straight into it!


The simplest natural technique that you should probably try first is combing. Some of the most notable benefits you could reap this way include elongating your lashes in a completely natural way, boosting their growth. All while saving quite a bit of cash you would otherwise spend on chemicals and makeup accessories.

First and foremost, eyelash combs are generally pretty affordable, and they’re substantially smaller than regular hair combs. While there’s little you can do if your lash extensions fall off while you’re on a date, you can easily fix your natural ones with a couple of strokes under a minute in a bathroom.

Even though they do work miracles for eyelash growth, combs are slow at what they do. They’re certainly practical, although you should combine them with lash extensions and oils for the best results.


Another natural way of improving the health of your lashes is using green tea as an antioxidant. Some may argue that this particular method only serves to reinforce the weaker lashes (which would invariably lead to sporadic, unequal growth of lashes), it’s quite the opposite.

The bioactive compounds in green tea boast improved regeneration of flimsy lashes while adding some volume to healthy ones at the same time.

Green tea is also remarkably healthy as a beverage too. Drinking it will reinforce your immune system and gut health, which is directly correlated to hair growth, eyelashes included.


Though different from our actual hair, our eyelashes can be maintained in similar ways. Moisturizers are great for people who have lashes that break easily. They will essentially be providing the much-needed sustenance they lack to remain strong and firm.

One of the best and most efficient eyelash moisturizers is, believe it or not, coconut oil. Now, before we proceed, it’s important to note that you should use diluted oils whenever you intend to apply them in any region around your eyes. Make sure to also check the list of ingredients for any allergies before using it.

If everything checks out, the chances are that you won’t need any other accessories to beautify your lashes. Coco oil promotes rapid growth, firmness, and rejuvenation.

Alternatively, if you’re either allergic to coconut oil or don’t feel particularly satisfied with the results so far, you may want to consider Castor oil instead.

Castor oil is relatively dissimilar to coco oil in terms of chemical composition, but both bring similar benefits to the table. It’s almost equally effective in terms of eyelash healing and growth speed, though.


What coconut and castor oil lack to make them the ultimate natural eyelash booster is a bulk of fatty acids. Even though they are excellent moisturizers, the oils tend to (initially) make our lashes a bit stiff, and they certainly take their time before they kick in.

Olive oil has been used for centuries for all kinds of purposes, especially for improving the growth rate and overall health of weak and damaged hair. Following a similar train of thought, modern-day people have discovered that it can also be applied to eyelashes with very similar results.

Given its vehement strength, olive oil should be diluted prior to use, preferably with a mascara brush just to be safe.

The main disadvantage this oil has in comparison to coconut and castor oils is that it’s much stronger and a bit more expensive. Even so, it offers a sure-fire way to make your lashes thick, long, and abundant with volume.


Often called ‘fake lashes’ by naysayers and people who dislike all things unnatural, hybrid lashes offer the quickest way to make your eyelashes breathtakingly stunning.

One of the best things about hybrid lashes is that they’re available in a myriad of styles, but they’re generally an offspring of classic lash extension and Russian lash extension techniques. Before we proceed, let’s touch on the topic of its predecessors for a second.

The classic lash elongating technique entices creating long fibers that are integrated with your actual lashes. A single manufactured lash is attached to a natural one. Even though this technique is deemed a ‘classic’, its main drawback is that it loses its flair as natural lashes start growing out.

The Russian style of eyelash extension is more modern and arguably more obvious. Between two and six hand-made eyelashes form fans that are attached to the actual lashes; their flair, however, gives them away. Additionally, Russian lash extensions are typically short. Otherwise, they’d block eyesight due to the sheer amount of volume they add to the originals.

Now, the hybrid lash-extension technique takes the best from these two worlds and eliminates their shortcomings. The initial concept is derived from the Russian technique – instead of a fan comprised of six fake lashes with an unnatural curve, up to two bookends are introduced with a smooth lining, which makes them way less conspicuous.

Furthermore, hybrid lashes are normally not as long as classic extensions, but they’re certainly far longer than Russian-style ones.


People who can’t wait for months before oils start working their magic and who don’t want unnatural lashes strapped to their own should consider a lash-growth serum. Essentially, this is a relatively unnatural way to boost your natural lashes.

Before you make up your mind, pay your dermatologist a visit. Your doctor should inspect your allergies and your compatibility with available serums before you actually venture to do it, as side effects are almost always present.

However, these side effects are typically minor; in most cases, a few strands of weaker lashes may fall out in a couple of days after you took the serum, but that’s only normal.

Now, the good thing about these serums is that they actually promote drastically improved eyelash health, which is the reason why flimsy ones are being pushed aside.

Our eyelashes grow in cycles, which are called Anagen, Catagen, and Telogen respectively; during the Anagen phase, our lashes settle into their sockets; during the Catagen phase, they’re halfway mature, and by the time they reach Telogen phase, they’re supposed to be lengthy and sturdy. The purpose of a serum is to hasten the transition between these cycles from Anagen to Telogen.

Article Ref: Dubai Fashion News


Must-Haves for Your Autumn Wardrobe

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A Guide to Men's Fashion Essentials

A stylish and versatile wardrobe is essential for all. Fashion trends come and go, but having a staple style statement always comes in handy. Whether you're dressing up for a formal event, a casual outing, or a special occasion, there are timeless elements that can always be relied upon to enhance your appearance. These 5 points below will help you effortlessly achieve the look you desire. 1. White shirt/t-shirt if in doubt A crisp white shirt or a well-fitted white t-shirt can never go wrong when it comes to styling for any occasion. Whether you prefer for a casual or a formal event, this outfit combination goes along with any color, making it a must have in your wardrobe. 2. The casual cool pair of Denims The beauty of denim lies in its adaptability – you can pair it with a simple T-shirt for more of a casual outing or dress it up with a blazer for a smart casual look. A pair of denim is always a must have in men's wardrobe as it is a versatile piece that adapts to your personal taste. 3. Black Suits to look classy Choosing for formal black suit always brings you a sophisticated look of style that brings charm and Style together. A properly tailored suit that is the best fit for you can make all the difference in your appearance. Pair it with either a formal shirt or accessorize it with a tie all adds up to that extra touch of elegance that makes sure you stand out in the crowd. 4. Footwear to step up your style. Quality footwear is essential as it is the first thing a person observes in one's appearance. Include a collection of leather shoes for formals, sneakers for a smart-casual look, and loafers that complement a casual and dressy appearance. Always ensure quality and comfort while choosing footwear to add to your wardrobe. 5. Accessorising for your final touch The transformation of an outfit from good to great can be done with the touch of accessories that complement your outfits. One can inject one's personality by pairing the outfit with well matched belts, ties, cufflinks, watches, rings, and more. These extra additions of accessories that complement your attire without overdoing it are a key of top notch styling theory. Building a wardrobe with timeless essentials without compromising on the design and quality is to be prioritized. Sahara Centre can be your ultimate Men's Fashion shopping center known for the best brands available for Men's clothing in Sharjah. Brands like Sacoor Brothers , Rodeo Drive , and Ferre give you a unique design, Pierre Cardin and Louis Feraud unveil a sophisticated trend, the casual charm from Tommy Hilfiger and luxury brands like Montblanc , Jakamen , and Balmain , along with other trend setting brands like Bro Man , Avva ensures your wardrobe reflects your individuality and personality