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The 2022 Eyeglasses Trends

Apr 12, 2022

Similar to the effect of freshly trimmed bangs or a visit to your go-to facialist, new eyeglasses can entirely switch up your look. Find out here the Eyeglasses Trends for 2022:


“The maximalist style of the ‘70s is having a huge moment right now, and we love how that trend has come to life in eyewear through oversized frames in a variety of shapes and colors,” says Kim Nemser, the chief merchandising officer at Warby Parker. When looking for a retro pair of your own, Warby Parker’s Nemser advises you to look for frames that “add an updated twist to vintage-inspired trends for a fresh, current take” — like the brand’s oversized and champagne-colored Alston pair.

Translucent Acetate

“Translucent crystal colors are expected to be very popular in 2022, even more so than their solid opaque counterparts,” says the OPR Eyewear co-founder. Further, the clear and colorful trend isn’t specific to any one shape, meaning you can grab transparent eyewear in any shape that you like.

Retrofuturistic Optimism

Caplener of VADA says you can also expect to see eyewear in 2022 with clear vintage influences yet manifesting in contemporary and mood-boosting ways. She calls this recycled and joyful approach to design “retrofuturistic optimism.” Caplener elaborates: “Retrofuturistic optimism is more to set a mood than a direct recreation of something we have already seen,” she explains. “Moving forward, evolving, and not being afraid of change is top of mind.”

Classic Cat Eye

Warby Parker’s Nemser says a cat-eye silhouette, a tried-and-true classic, is also charted to be a significant eyeglass trend throughout the year. “A statement frame is the perfect finishing touch to elevate any outfit — and a playful cat-eye creates a fun, polished look,” says Nemser. If you like a more minimal look, opt for a sleek black or deep burgundy frames. Or, if you’re drawn to a statement piece, consider a playful print — like a multicolored tortoiseshell.

Extreme Vibrancy

“We expect bolder colors to be most popular in 2022,” says Nestor. The eyewear designer aptly links the growing interest in vibrant hues to maximalism’s rise. “In 2022, ‘colors’ are the new black. And after difficult and unprecedented times, people are looking at colors as a way to attract and emanate positive, vibrant energy,” he says.

Blue-Light Blocking

“I don’t think we can even call the proclivity for blue light glasses a ‘trend’ anymore,” remarks Nestor. Instead, he finds them to be more of eyewear essential than a trending attribute. Nestor details how “people have become widely educated about the benefits of blue light filtering,” and now, he adds, “most of [OPR Eyewear’s] customers now consider blue light filtering lenses to be necessary.”

Tortoise With A Twist

“Tortoise print is a timeless pattern with subtle yet bold details that go with absolutely everything,” says Warby Parker’s chief merchandising officer. In particular, though, she says you can expect to find the flecked pattern done in lighter, more vivid, or unexpected color palettes throughout 2022.

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Must Have Fragrances of Summer 2022

Who doesn’t love being complimented on their perfume? If your goal this summer is to make a statement with your fragrance, then here are the top 10 perfumes to have in summer 2022. 1. Armani Beauty My Way Floral If you’re looking for a classic scent, this is a go-to floral fragrance that combines the smell of citrus fruits and vanilla. 2. Gucci Bloom Eau de Toilette Spray Pleasing on the nose and the eyes, this perfume comes in a beautiful bottle and a fresh combination of lemon, jasmine, tuberose, and Rangoon creeper. 3. Ralph Lauren Polo Earth Eau de Toilette An everyday perfume with a citrus and floral aroma to keep you feeling cool and refreshed throughout the day. 4. Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau de Toilette If you’re looking for a fragrance to match your summer vibes, then this fragrance is the go-to for a sweet and light scent. 5. Estée Lauder Luxury Collection Desert Eden Eau de Parfum This is for the people who love floral but musky scents since it combines both sandalwood and Turkish rose. 6. Dior Eden-Roc Eau de Parfum Nothing says summer like a Mediterranean scent. A combination of jasmine and coconut with an undertone of mineral and herbaceous green notes makes you feel right at the shore of your favorite beach. 7. Tom Ford Soleil Blanc Eau de Parfum A mix of irresistible scents from summery florals to sweet spices. This is the go-to fragrance to make a statement. 8. Tory Burch Bel Azur This perfume will transport your right to the ocean with its blue bottle and its combination of citrus and earthy scents. 9. Hermés Un Jardin en Méditerranée Eau de Toilette Just like the name of the perfume, the combination of the earthy and woody scents will make you feel like you’re taking a walk in a Mediterranean garden. 10. Tom Ford Neroli Portofino Eau de Parfum When you can’t go to Italy, bring Italy to you with this summer’s favorite fragrance. The mix of citrus notes, earthy notes, and white florals will make you feel right at the heart of the Italian Riviera. If you feel like being transported to a garden, the ocean, or even Italy, come by and visit these stores April Beauty , Bellissimo Cosmetics and Perfumes , Glam Beaute , Scentido , and Xpression Style . Article Ref: Pop Sugar