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10 Sustainable Fashion Trends to Watch This Year

Jun 3, 2022

Shopping for sustainable and stylish clothes can feel stressful, especially as the fashion industry evolves. This article will help the everyday consumer learn the latest sustainability trends, so they can green up their wardrobe.

1. Second-hand Clothing

Nowadays, second-hand clothing has been arguably the biggest trend for sustainable fashion. Thrift stores have become a fun new weekend activity for many 20-somethings. And many influencers and even celebrities are reselling their clothes. Celebrities have begun selling their own luxury designer clothes through resellers so that consumers can enjoy designer pieces at more affordable prices.

2. Eco-friendly Fabrics

Using biodegradable materials for fashion clothing is on the rise. Many designers use alternative materials like organic cotton, silk, hemp, organic bamboo, jute, wool, and others. This means that these eco-friendly fabrics can be disintegrated into their natural base elements by fungi, bacterial, or other biological processes. For instance, sustainable women’s shoes are a great alternative to leather or synthetic materials, which are environmental hazards.

3. Capsule Wardrobes

Most people can fill a whole bin or two with the clothes they no longer want or need. Rather than buying things that won’t be used, being intentional about shopping means only purchasing staple pieces that pair well with any outfit. Instead of defaulting to fast fashion trends, embrace the mindset of “less is more.” This helps to reduce consumption and waste.

4. Transparency

The fashion industry has been notorious for its labor malpractices. Many manufacturers use child labor, sweatshop factory, worker abuse, and even downright slavery. Recently, cultural appropriation, racial inequality, environmental justice, and workplace ethics have been brought to the forefront for many fashion brands.

5. Upcycling Old Clothes

Before discarding that ratty, threadbare shirt, it’s important to ask whether it can be upcycled into something new? Upcycling old clothes is a rising trend involving transforming old garments into new and fashionable designs. Most consumers are surprised to learn what they can do with DIY fashion. Upcycling clothes can transform the shabby rags into chic pieces fit for the runway. Oversized t-shirts can be the easiest to upcycle since they can be manipulated by length, neckline, and sleeve silhouette. Consider seeking a seamstress or tailor for better results.

6. Renting Clothes

Most people purchase new outfits specifically for special occasions like weddings or parties. But chances are, they’ll never wear them again! Capsule wardrobes are great for everyday clothes, but what about one-off events? Renting is a great way to keep clothes out of landfills and reduce the environmental impact. Rather than buying a suit, why not rent one? There’s no need to buy something that won’t be worn again.

7. Local Fashion Brands

Throughout the past two years, local businesses have gone through a rough time. Many local brands source their fabrics from local sources. Since the shop is set up in town or city centers, this requires less transportation to source their materials. Not to mention, it’s a great way to support the economy of that particular local community.

8. Fashion on Demand

Another way to contribute to the sustainability movement is to have clothing pieces produced on demand. Instead of large-scale productions that manufacturers typically produce, some sustainable labels are launching collections online by collecting pre-orders. In other words, they produce only the exact quantity on demand to prevent unnecessary textile waste.

9. Fashion Brands That Give Back

Ultimately, sustainability is a lifestyle, and the life cycle affects the world we live in. Studies have shown that tree-planting can combat climate change, with scientists estimating that worldwide planting programs can eliminate two-thirds of emissions caused by human activities. Many sustainable brands joining the movement are contributing to a program where every item purchased leads to planting a tree in the world. Businesses should have more than just profit goals. Customers support the brand, and the brand should support the earth by giving back.

10. Alternative Leather

Leather has many negative effects on the planet, such as pollution, deforestation, and high greenhouse gas emissions from toxic chemicals. Alternatives, like plant-based leather (java), has come a long way in their durability and appearance, making them viable to replace real leather. For instance, sustainable shoes are vegan since they are animal-free and made from biodegradable organic materials.

Fashion styles will come and go, but the trend of sustainability is here to stay! While there’s a lot of work to be done to reshape the practices in the fashion industry, sustainable trends are here to stay. These fashion trends we’ve highlighted here could be the start of a revolutionary movement, which would transform the fashion world into an industry that is sustainable and contributes to our planet’s wellbeing.

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