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The Top 21 Food Trends of 2021

Sep 19, 2021

After a stressful 2020, many people have turned to food more than ever as a means of comfort, wellbeing and community.

The food trends of 2021 point towards better health for our bodies, wallets and the environment. From cooking styles to star ingredients, you can expect many of the items on this list to become a permanent part of your culinary lifestyle and eating habits even beyond this year.

So, which food trend of 2021 is your favorite? Which will you try first? Browse the list from the link below and get inspired.

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Cozy meal


Fashion Scenes making way to First-Ever Television Show unveiled by Balmain’s Olivier Rousteing

Recently, the famous fashion designer and Instagram Creative Director of Balmain, Olivier Rousteing, announced its first-ever television show in collaboration with Channel 4. The TV series titled Fracture will be creatively directed by Rousteing and will consists of five, eight-minute films in which the cast wear looks will be taken exclusively from Balmain’s FW21 collection. The show will feature appearances from American singer-songwriter Jesse Jo Stark, Charles Melton, Tommy Dorfman and Ajani Russell. Watch out for this fashion-filled TV series in Channel 4 soon… Article Ref: GQ middle East 

The Future of Eyewear is here!

The famous Italian eyewear brand, Ray-Ban, collaborated with the social media giant, Facebook, to come up with a new line of state-of-the-art sunglasses fitted with cameras at the temple, called Ray-Ban Stories. The unveiling of the new collaboration between Ray-Ban and Facebook, was announced recently to the world by Mark Zuckerberg and Rocco Basilico. The impressive Ray-Ban Stories’ eyewear is equipped with 5MP camera capable of taking quality still photos, recording videos, listening to music and taking phone calls through the sunglasses’ arms for the user’s ultimate comfort and functionality without sacrificing style and aesthetics. Article Ref: GQ Middle East  

It’s Second Hand September: Where to Thrift in Dubai

The Second Hand September initiative was started by Oxfam, urging shoppers to say no to new clothes for 30 days to reduce our impact on the planet. As we are now aware of the effects fashion has on the planet, it is important to carry the lessons we learn about shopping ethically and think about how to shop more consciously the rest of the year. According to figures from the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) for example, it takes 3,781 liters of water to make a pair of jeans, from the production of the cotton to the delivery of the final product to the store. If that is for just one pair of jeans, imagine the environmental cost for everything in our wardrobes. One way to reduce our environmental footprint is to shop second-hand, and the numbers don’t lie. It is estimated that with about 600 kilos of used clothes, there will be a reduction of 2250 kilos of CO2 emissions, 3.6 billion liters of water saved, and 144 trees planted. Although thrift stores aren’t as popular in the UAE as in North America or Europe, they are starting to grow in popularity right here in Dubai. Read the rest of the article for some of the ways to shop ethically and consciously. Article Ref: Savoir Flair