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Beloved Ice Age characters welcomed by Sahara Centre

Jan 11, 2017 16:30 PM - 21:30 PM

Sharjah, UAE, January 16, 2017: Little ones now have the chance to enjoy a face-to-face meeting with their favorite Ice Age characters – Sid the sloth and Diego the saber-toothed cat – at Sahara Centre, Sharjah’s leading retail and leisure centre. As part of its ongoing Spring Promotion, “See the World Like Never Before, that is Ice Age Collision Course,” Sahara Centre has invited Sid and Diego to escape winter and take a sunny holiday in the UAE, where they will be hosted from the 11th to 20th January.

Created by Blue Sky Studios, the beloved Ice Age films have captured children since the intrepid Scrat first chased his prized acorn across our screens in 2002. The fifth and latest instalment of the franchise, Ice Age: Collision Course, follows the comedy-filled journey of Sid, Diego and pals through the Paleolithic ice age, to survive a series of cosmic events that threaten to transform the ice age.

Having travelled all the way from their icy home, both Sid and Diego would love to meet people from the UAE and learn about life in the sun. Children that would like to have a chat with Sid, and even discover Diego’s cuddly side, will be able to meet and greet the ice age adventurers from 4:30 to 9:30pm in the Restaurant Area, 2nd Floor, East Atrium.

Visitors will enjoy a host of surprises on Wednesday 11th January, when the Al Rabia Radio Road show will be broadcast live from the mall to celebrate the launch of the Ice Age event. An ‘Ice Age: Collision Course’ competition quiz will offer visitors the opportunity to win a Sahara Centre gift voucher worth AED 200, by answering questions correctly during the radio live link program from 6 to 10pm. While at Sahara Centre, kids can also visit the Starlab Dome, play at the Workshop Area and join in the fun and games at the Promotion Area on the 1st Floor, next to the Food Court. 


Celebrate Eid at Sahara Centre!

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The Butterfly Garden

Visit Sahara Centre's butterfly garden located at the east atrium on the ground floor for an extraordinary experience. Discover a magical world of nature right in the heart of the shopping mall.