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Sahara Centre Celebrates 20 Years of Contemporary Shopping Experience

dateMar 10, 2022

Sahara Centre, the ultimate lifestyle destination in the UAE, is celebrating 20 years of exceptional shopping, leisure, culinary excellence, and togetherness. Since its inauguration on 20th February 2002 with 200 stores that included internationally renowned brands and many recreational facilities, the mall has been a favorite for shopping, dining and entertainment enthusiasts. It was a distinctive addition to Sharjah’s landmarks, with its unique architectural design and local character. Akram Ammar, Managing Director of Sahara City, said: “Customer satisfaction has always been our primary pillar at Sahara Centre, and 20 years on, we are still incredibly proud to be offering the best of shopping, dining, and entertainment options, all under one roof. We have spared no effort to provide an ideal shopping experience and are currently developing our fourth phase of the Sahara City project, which is designed to make Sahara an integrated city offering recreational, commercial, healthcare, and residential facilities to meet the needs of

our contemporary society. Following the remarkable turnout that Sahara Centre has witnessed over the past few years, and in response to the aspirations of its visitors, the centre’s eastern expansion project was launched in 2013, bringing the total number of stores to 375 and its total area to around 185,000 square meters. This expansion further strengthened the centre’s position as a modern shopping and leisure destination with attractive amenities and spacious areas. Eight years later, Sahara Centre embarked on another ambitious expansion at the West end in 2021, introducing a diverse retail mix across categories and dining options, bringing the total number of stores to 545 and the area to 275,000 square meters. Visitors can now enjoy exceptional shopping and dining within outdoor spaces as well as access to Sahara Healthcare City, a premium health & Wellness hub located atop the mall, spread across five foors with more than 5,000 parking spaces and contemporary amenities within its reach. The expansion also hosts four premium residential towers atop the mall’s eastern side, further empowering the Sahara City journey.

With the completion of the western expansion, Sahara Centre reaffirmed its position as one of the most prominent shopping destinations in Sharjah and the Northern Emirates. Today, 20 years after its initial launch, Sahara Centre remains one of the most desired destinations for both residents and tourists in the region through its innovative ways of engaging with customers and catering to their diverse needs, all under one roof.

Ammar concluded: “We are deeply grateful to our valued customers for helping us celebrate Sahara Centre’s 20th anniversary. We are reflecting our gratitude through daily prizes, gift vouchers, joyous parades, and exceptional activations and look forward to providing a new lifestyle experience for everyone for many more years to come.”