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Sahara Centre’s new expansion set to launch early Q2 2021 with 80 per cent of retail space already leased out

Apr 22, 2021

Aside from being home to an exceptional number of outlets, the new expansion is also offering new leisure and dining options as well as a breathtaking landscaped outdoor area. It will also feature a dedicated floor for cosmetics and aesthetics-related products and services, including spas, beauty product shops, salons, fragrance outlets, and cosmetics centres, among others.

Akram Ammar, managing director of Sahara City, said: “After the west expansion of the mall, Sahara Centre has emerged grander not only in retail space but also with an improved overall mall visiting experience. The mall now has a greater number of facilities for retail and leisure customers, including a new dedicated panoramic and well-lit skylight area for cafes, restaurants, and other outlets. We continue improving our offerings, especially as the fourth phase of the expansion is already in the pipeline.”


The mall extension has expanded the overall area for Sharjah’s popular lifestyle destination, making it a one-stop destination for shoppers and diners alike. Sahara Centre is nearing completion of the third phase of its west expansion that will be ready for the public by the beginning Q2 2021.

The renovation will refresh Sahara Centre’s contemporary look while expanding its range of offerings to mall visitors. As part of this new area, patrons can now access a beautifully designed outdoor section atop the mall for a relaxing stroll as they enjoy the enigmatic landscape or just unwind from their shopping day. Additionally, visitors will now have access to a dedicated space for Sahara Healthcare City, which is spread across five floors, positioning Sahara Centre as an ideal one-stop destination for retail, leisure, dining and wellness.


Ammar added: “The completion of this extension adds a new dimension to the mall, most notably at a time when businesses are gradually reopening as we collectively move towards a post-pandemic world. Our expansion plans are founded on an in-depth analysis of evolving consumer needs and shopping trends in the region. We identified a major shift in the way consumers go about their shopping and how they spend their leisure time. In turn, we accordingly invested heavily in optimising our customer’s overall shopping experience. The industry is poised to experience a notable rise and as people adjust to the new normal due to the nationwide rollout of vaccine; we are expecting a positive year ahead.”

The extension cements Sahara Centre’s position not only as a leading destination for renowned brands of diverse retail outlets, entertainment and dining in the emirate but also as one of the biggest lifestyle hubs in the Northern Emirates and the wider UAE. The stunningly upgraded interiors are all set to create a memorable and relaxing environment that would have customers enjoy a stress-free stroll while catering to their shopping needs.

The new extension is part of Sahara Centre’s commitment to becoming bigger and better by providing a new lifestyle experience for everyone.<><