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Marina Home

Marina Home

Conceptualised in 1998 Marina Home Interiors Retail Network is a successful Dubai based home furnishings company and operates its stores across the Middle East markets and the Indian subcontinent. Marina, a homegrown brand out of Dubai, is a household name across the countries it operates in and is synonymous with quality, creativity and a strong aspirational value proposition. MARINAs forte is the sensible fusion of Modern and the Rustic, Avante Garde and the Exotic, Cosmopolitan and the Flamant, elegantly put together epitomising a new realm of design coexistence, sheer indulgence and uniqueness. The unique nature of Marina concept stores have ensured its continued success throughout the markets it operates in, where it has become a distinctive brand of quality. MARINA spells fine living, defying convention and tailoring trends that relate to the aspirations of home lovers. Find us on Facebook: marinahomeinteriors; Instagram: @marinahomeinteriors