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Gelato Divino Trolley

Gelato Divino Trolley

Gelato Divino, originally a small family-owned ice-cream shop in the beautiful town of Alba in the North-Western Piemonte region of Italy has only become internationally famous since the first expansion outside of Italy started in 2010 in the United Arab Emirates. Gelato Divinos Authentic Italian ice cream is produced fresh on daily basis in every countries own fully HACCP certified production facility. There are many health benefits of Gelato in comparison to traditional ice cream and our Gelato Divino specifically has got the following health benefits:

- 100% vegetarian as we do not use eggs in our gelato recipe.

- 100% Halal.

- No added fat and it naturally contains 50% less fat than commercial ice cream brands. We use only low-fat fresh milk for our Gelato. All our ingredients are fresh and natural including plenty of fresh fruit, particularly in our sorbets and real nuts from the rolling hills of the Piemonte region in Italy.

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