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Sahara Centre

Scentido AT Sahara Centre

SCENTIDO is a luxurious and exclusive house of perfumes housing top and exclusive brands under one roof & tag line itself is self explanatory. A sense of Luxury and pleasant retail experiencing high standard of showcasing & presentation by perfume connoisseurs in elite manner are the main USPs of the brand. The Name discovery began by researching into recorded history of perfume making and Spanish history is closest to be found. The ancient home and making of perfume which arrived from arab peninsula and passed over to the region. The Archaic. The SENSE OF SMELL which plays vital role in fragrance world. SENSE in Spanish is called SENTIDO. Scent a distinctive smell especially one that is pleasant and refreshing and describing oneself & is related to all the notes & composition in making of perfumes. Thus keeping the SENSE that called in Spanish & SCENT in forefront and combination of both new word emerges to best describe the brand…SCENTIDO…A Sense of Luxury. Perfume being the personal choice. Scentido is luxurious house of perfumes where fragrance is selected & suggested by perfume experts based upon person’s personality & characteristics to best express them without communicating vocally. Scentido assists each individual best in discovering their connectivity to the essential oils & notes of fragrances especially prepared for them by the creator of the perfume.

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