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Sahara Centre

Pizza Hut AT Sahara Centre

Known throughout the world for its variety of mouthwatering pizzas, Pizza Hut is also famous among Middle Eastern diners for its side offerings such as pasta, buffalo wings, breadsticks and garlic bread. Americana Group first brought the Pizza Hut brand to the region in 1979, with the first Pizza Hut restaurant opening in UAE. The family-friendly atmosphere and the wide range of tasty pizzas ensured that dozens of restaurants soon followed in neighboring countries within the Gulf, spreading soon after to Jordan and Egypt. Thirty Four years and millions of pizzas later, Americana Group’s network of Pizza Hut outlets now includes over 162 restaurants that not only entice diners in their thousands every day, but also deliver their world-famous pizzas to thousands of households every hour.

Location Location: First Floor, Food Court Area Locate the store
Telephone Telephone: 600569999
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