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Sahara Centre

Taif Al Emarat Perfumes AT Sahara Centre

TAIF AL EMARAT PERFUMES LLC is a pioneer company in the field of Perfumes Trading Industry, which starts its first production in UAE since 2007, and with its exclusive branding “TAIF” , a wide range of products, and excellent service, we operate today many elegant outlets across the United Arab Emirates specially and in GCC generally in a variety of prestigious shopping destinations. The unmatched quality of our fragrances are made unique with their authentic Arabian mixtures that are inspired by the natural roses with a touch of Oud. These unique fragrances have always exceeded the expectations of our clients, and rewarded them with unique experiences that bring them the utmost value and quality. As experts in fragrance manufacturing, and with our professional approach and passionate pursuit of perfection, our team ensures that they are constantly involved in every stage of the production process, starting from sourcing the raw materials, to manufacturing, packaging, and distributing the finished products. This hands-on work ethic allows us to that every step of the process is nothing short of perfection, and that our reputation and our promise of quality which we aimed to will be the same.

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Telephone Telephone: 06 7430709
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